Vengeance is al jaren hofleverancier van hoge kwaliteits Vengeance samples en Nexus2 sounds. Maar sinds enkele jaren leveren ze ook een dikke reeks aan plugin’s. Denk hierbij aan bijvoorbeeld de enorm veelzijdige Phalanx sampler of de effecten uit de FX bundles. Echter ontbrak er al die tijd wel een heuse softsynth in het assortiment. Maar daar komt verandering in! Gisteren hinte Manuel Schleis, de grote man achter Vengeance, op zijn Facebook naar een nieuwe synth met “ongelimiteerde” mogelijkheden: Vengeance Avenger Synth.

Vengeance Avenger

Het idee achter deze synth is dat je een preset laat groeien door er allerhande elementen aan toe te voegen. Wil je nog een OSC? Voeg hem toe! Wil je nog een ARP? Voeg hem toe! Wil je nog een filter? Voeg hem toe! We zijn geen synth goeroe’s, maar dit lijkt ons daarom dan toch wel een enorm mooie toevoeging aan menig studio.

Momenteel is er nog geen prijs en levertijd bekend (verwachting: eind 2016). Wat er wel bekend is, is de enorme waslijst aan specs, die je hieronder terug vind:

• up to 8 OSC Modules:

– each OSC with own V-Saw (Supersaw) (1-7 voices, 1-4 octs, pan spread)
– each OSC with its own vibrato LFO (which can modulate every V-Saw (Supersaw) voice seperately)
– each OSC with own Chorder (Note Stacker, Unison)
– each OSC with additional Sub OSC model
– each OSC can have its own synthesis model (see “GENERATORS” for details)

• OSC Transformation parameters:

– Xcite (bending the waveform in any direction)
– Formant (pulse with modulate any waveform)
– Bit/Crush (Rate/Bit reduce any waveform)
– Sync (easy sync mode with built in modulation env)
– Volume / Pan / Transpose / Finetune / Random&Alternate Pitch
– Noise Generator (level, noise color / noise rate reducer, stereo spread)
– FM & AM (if you wish Alias free mode), FM source: countless basic waveforms, noise or own custom drawable shapes. Rate is syncable to semitones/octaves/7ths etc)
– FFT editor for each OSC Module: Edit all spectral content in realtime, delete odd harmonics, boost octaves performs morphs or create custom filtersweeps
– Randomizer
– many FFT presets (organ overtone registers, crazy stuff etc…)
– use our unique feature to randomly pulsate every band!

• up to 8 ARP Modules:

– up / down / random / poly modes
– editable note lengths and note transposes / velocities
– each arp has up to 4 sub patterns (A B C D), means you can make complex melodies of 4x 32notes
– hundreds of ARP presets

• up to 8 Step SQ Modules:

– contour, decay, gate time, editable step lengths and velocity
– perfectly synces Step SQ
– Can be quickly used as TranceGate effect
– does not click
– Stereo mode (L/R)
– comes with many presets, even such as sidechain simulations, rhythmic gates etc…

• up to 8 Mod Envelope Modules:

– free configurable envelopes, add as many points as you like
– can also be in sync mode (quarter/triplet) to create moving and unique patterns
– countless trigger modes, such as firt/last notes, arpeggio, bassdrum from drum SQ etc
– can oneshot, loop, loop with release phase, ping pong etc…

• up to 8 Pitch Envelope Modules:

– BiPolar Pitch envelope where you can add as many additional points as you like
– sync and trigger modes like in the Mod Envelope
– Portamento modes: normal, poly, legato and poly legato (yes) with custom depth and portamento pitch curve
– editable Pitchbend lag time

• up to 4 AMP Modules:

– OSCs can be routet in different AMP Modules:
– each AMP module has its own (analog) AHDSR envelope, but can be triggered from other env sources, such as MOD Envelope, too
– Spike parameter, which REALLY spikes this time. You have been warned! 🙂
– Volume / Pan / Keytrack
– Stereo Spread parameter

• up to 4 FILTER Modules + Master Filter Module:

– OSCs can be routet in different FILTER Modules
– each FILTER module has its own (analog) AHDSR envelope, but can be triggered from other env sources, such as MOD Envelope, too
– at the moment 47 Filtertypes, having all basic filter types as well as analog filter, comb filter, talking/vowel filters, peakfilters, fm/crush, TB filter etc…
– Resonance type selectable: additive or volume compensated
– each filter has Drive, Drive oversampled and a neat Comb filter

• up to 4 SHAPER Modules:

– the Shaper modules add distortion (per voice!) for each osc which is routet into it
– at the moment 17 unique distortion models
– 2x pre distortion EQ bands to shape the distortion tone
– stereo split mode
– can be pre or post FILTER or AMP modules

• up to 4 LFO Modules:

– 17 LFO Shapes to chose from +3 freely drawable shapes
– fade in / delay
– change offset (y axis) phase (x axis)
– countless trigger modes, such as firt/last notes, arpeggio, bassdrum from drum SQ etc
– of course syncable (normal, triplet, dotted), with extra long LFO times

• Drum Sequencer:

– dedicated drum sequencer for the drumkits with up to 16 bars
– triplet or quarter mode
– roll function for each note (x2, x3, x4 etc)
– each note has velocity, pan, pitch or gate time
– multiple selection tool: draw a box and select multiple notes, delete them, move them (with cursor arrows up/down/left/right) or set the velocity for all at once
– many special modes: flip, reverse, mirror, copy/fill blocks etc

• powerful routing system:

– add new modules and re-arrange the order the signal passes the modules for each OSC
– apply send FX
– graphic routing help system: rightclick on a module in the OSC routing diagram lets a cross-hair apear, to show you where this module is located in the GUI

• unique new Modmatrix system:

– “Drag and Drop” creation of ModMatrix entries. Just drag a source and drop it to any target you want on the GUI
– “grouped” mod matrix. Means you can change all modmatrix assigments with 1 click to a LFO assignment for example
– “+” (additive) or “%” (percentage) modes
– lag parameter. Smoothens the modulation, giving it inertia (for wha wha etc…)
– cool new mod sources, such as PORTAMENTO glide (for example open the filter with the glide movement)
– almost everything in VPS Avenger can be connected and modulated

• MACRO Controllers:

– All Factory presets are pre-routet with cool modulations on these Macro Controllers
– 3 Macro knobs
– 2 Macro buttons

• up to 6 free routable FX busses:

– 4 Insert FX Racks with 8 FX slots each
– Send FX Rack
– Master FX Rack
– like in your DAW you can route the FX into each other
– You can route past the Master FX bus. For example can everything be compressed and limited on the Master Bus, except the Bassdrum, which will be dry routet to the output
– at the moment 23 FX types: Delay, ArtsAcoustic Reverb, Trashverb, V-Verb, Room Sim, Impulse Response Reverb (with new IRs!), Gated Rev, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Multimod, Ministop (Tapestop!), Minichain (Sidechain), Bitcrusher,
Distotion, Fuzzbox, Multiband Dist, Vinylizer, Waveshaper, Limiter, Compressor, Stereo Matrix, 4Band Equalizer, (+Multiband Comp, we will add that too, for release)
– each FX type comes with many many presets.

• Wavetable Envelope / Editor:

– specialized envelope for all wavetables
– can oneshot, pingpong, loop. Global or per voice
– “wobble” pattern generator. Unique new system, which lets you multiply, revese or flip the envelope with a pattern
– Fade in / outs, zoom, normalize, reverse for wavetables

• further features:

– Mixer Page: all busses and tracks at once for mixing and levelling
– keyzones / velzones: create complex key and velocity zones with fade ins/outs for each OSC / drums
– support for MIDI foot pedals, breath controller etc. For example: with one click assign your expression pedal to move the modwheel or the sustain pedal to control the release / any other parameter
– global shuffle factor: All shuffles (ARP, StepSQ, DrumSQ etc) are linked to each other
– parameter lock: lock your shuffle, volume or filter settings during preset change
– powerful UNDO function: whatever you did, it can be UNDOne with 1 click
– real monophonic mode: multiple notes wont kill your original now when released. You will notice this immediately when playing
– Tooltips explaining each parameter (can be turned off)
– customizable INIT preset
– navigate with cursor keys through the library
– export your current OSC shape with 1 click. Whenever you created new and cool waveforms you can add them into your library as a new OSC shape.

• Graphic / Librarian / Browser:

– easy to use preset selector, Favourites, own expansions (with icons)
– Tag Cloud for every preset… tag based seach system
– File Browser for importing own drums, multisamples, shapes or wavetables
– VPS Avenger will come with at least 500 high quality presets from all genres
– GUI open for skinning
– runs ultra smoothly in 60hz
– resizable skin in realtime – just resize it like a Windows window (if supported by host)
– everything is displayed in realtime, the waveform changes, the knob modulations etc. The presets come to life visually.


• classic VA Synthesesis

Je hebt de beschikking over de standaard syntheses, zoals: saw, square, sine, noise, tri etc…

• Oscillator Shapes:

Je kunt zelf een waveform inladen, die omgezet wordt naar een OSC vorm. Na het inladen kun je deze in elke richting verplaatsen, zodat deze beter uitkomt. Standaard bied VPS Avenger al een hele reeks vormen. Dit betreft veelal emulaties van klassieke gear en instrumenten.

• Freeform:

Je kunt daarnetegen ook je eigen OSC vorm intekenen.

• Wavetable Synthesis:

Als je 128 OSC vormen stapelt, krijg je een Wavetable. Door hier modulatie op uit te voeren, maak je de sound nog meer eigen. VPS Avenger heeft standaard 500 wavetables aan boord.

• Resample:

In basis is dit een wavetable editor, waarmee je door lange wave files kunt scrollen, op zoek naar een OSC vorm.

• Multisamples:

Elk van VPS Avenger’s 8 OSC’s lam fungeren als Multisample player. Met de nieuwe “Sample Stacker” funtionaliteit kun je tot  4 multisamples  layeren in elke OSC module. VPS Avenger wordt geleverd met een enorme bibliotheek aan 500+ multisamples, varierend van piano’s & orgels, synths, echte instrumenten, voices etc. Daarnaast zijn er nog 2 special sample bronnen beschikbaar: Attack Clicks & Organic Noises, wat ideale layer mogelijkheden geeft.

• Drumkits:

VPS Avenger heeft 128 Drumkits. Deze kunnen geprogrammeerd worden in Avenger’s eigen Drum Sequencer. Elke Drumkit bestaat uit 12 drumsamples. Deze zijn te koppelen aan 1 van de Drum pattern’s. Onderling kunnen kits en pattern’s met elkaar gecombineerd worden, zodat je ongekend veel mogelijkheden krijgt. Mocht dit alsnog niet genoeg zijn, dan kun je zelf samples toevoegen.