Pieter has been beatmatching since 1998. DJ-ing runs in his vains. But it wasn’t until 2000 before he first step foot behind the decks of a club. For the years to follow he was a resident DJ of several commercial clubs.

When jumpstyle emerged from Belgium, he was inspired to follow this new path in music. And so he did! Between 2005 and 2009 he did a lot of performances from a wide variety of locations. Clubs like Complex, Zalinaz, Zino, The-Return and Q-Nation were among his favorites to play.

Unfortunatly the jumpstyle buzz reached a commercial peak time high, resulting in a great downfall for the scene afterwards. Pieter (that time still operating under his own name, Pieter Leijten) took the available time to focus on a new step in his musical journey: producing. And with new productions came the idea to switch name into Dustin Hertz. The Dustin Hertz alias was born.

It was also around that time freestyle music emerged. And since it has a great connection with all those Jumpstyle classics, the game was back on! Still playing sets at clubs (including a harddance residency at the-borderline) and festivals, Dustin more and more integrated own bootlegs and productions. This wasn’t without notice. Nowadays Dustin’s releases are being released on Fast Forward’s connected Basic Movements, being played by the big names in the scene and topping the hardstyle.com charts from time to time.