2017 is een speciaal jaar voor het platenlabel Scantraxx, zij bestaan dit jaar namelijk 15 jaar en dat moet uiteraard gevierd worden met Scantraxx 15 Years!

Update 17-10-17, hier kun je de volledige documentaire bekijken!


Op 4 november keren we terug naar onze roots samen met het label waar het allemaal begon voor hardstyle: Scantraxx.
Tickets voor Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 years gaan aanstaande zaterdag om 13:00 in de verkoop op Q-dance.com. #Scantraxx15Years

Relive the Legacy

Join us on a journey into the past, present and future alongside the label that shaped hardstyle: Scantraxx. For 15 years, they have defined the standards of modern hardstyle. Now it’s time to pay tribute to this legendary label by venturing through the most memorable chapters of the Scantraxx era. Are you ready to relive the legacy? Let’s continue to make memories!

Scantraxx Chapters

Chapter 1: The Beginning
The night kicks off at the cradle of hardstyle. Scope DJ, A-lusion & Pavo take you back to when it all started for hardstyle. From DJ Duro’s ‘Just Begun’, one of Scantraxx’ first releases, to Scope DJ’s ‘Lockdown’, this is when the early years of hardstyle enter the stage.

Chapter 2: The Essence
Welcome at the core of Scantraxx. This chapter is kicked off by none other than founding father and hardstyle legend DJ The Prophet. Together with 7 other acts that left their mark on this label, he is part of The Essence. From the epic melodies of Wildstylez and Bass Modulators to Italian Hardstyle by Zatox LIVE and the sound of the future by the likes of Adrenalize, KELTEK and Devin Wild, this chapter provides the ultimate showcase of the Scantraxx legacy and future.

Chapter 3: Scantraxx Evolutionz
Witness the evolution of hardstyle together with D-Block & S-te-Fan. They are your guides during this chapter, taking you back to the past while also providing you a glimpse into the future.

Chapter 4: A2 Records Journey
RAW heavyweights Ran-D & Adaro return to the roots of A2 Records for one last time, showcasing the origin of their careers at this legendary label. From the early days of RAW to the ferocious sound of today, no stone will be left unturned during the A2 Records Journey.

Chapter 5: Scantraxx XXL
The concluding chapter of the night revolves around one man: DJ The Prophet. Together with his infamous alter-ego The Masochist, he takes you to the hardcore part of his career where only the most relentless beats salute you. This legend knows how to provide an insane closing set, are you up for it?

We create memories.