Gisteren kwam dan de langverwachte return of Headhunterz met zijn Hard With Style podcast serie! Exact vijf dagen na Defqon1 2017 dient hij zijn belofte in om zichzelf weer volledig aan Hardstyle over te geven! Ladies and gentleman, this is the return of Headhunterz!

Sooner or later we see… This music is our destiny!


De openingstrack van deze podcast genaamd ‘Destiny’ is de eerste track welke Heady maakte voor zijn terugkeer in de scene. Deze track is ook gebruikt in de eindshow van Defqon1 en geeft exact het standpunt van Willem weer.
Niet alleen over zijn terugkeer in de scene, Defqon1 en nieuwe muziek spreekt Headhunterz in HWS 65, ook geeft hij aan dat Project One blijft en dat we hier zeker meer van gaan horen!
Luister zelf naar HWS 65 en geniet van de terugkeer van Headhunterz.

Headhunterz Is Back

Nothing has ever thrilled, inspired and moved the hardstyle community more than the three words going around since Sunday, June 25th, 2017: Headhunterz. Is. Back. Witnessed by ten-thousands of dedicated hardstyle lovers, the legend of Willem Rebergen announced his grand return home. Having always left the door open to their unrivaled hero, the hardstyle scene roared with pride, and the grounds of Defqon.1 Festival were shaken by the sound of approval. Headhunterz is back, ready to fulfill his destiny. He’s returned as a humble member of the community, offering his works, driven by the music that comes from within. As the first of many new stories to tell, he sets forth the journey he started in 2011. It’s time to give Willem a warm welcome back, to his very own HARD with STYLE.

In HARD with STYLE episode 65, he translates his words into deeds, premiering the brand new Headhunterz original, ‘Destiny.’ An ode to the music that connects to him, bursting with raw emotion and energy, uniting people like nothing else. And there’s more, much more. Project One, Audiotricz, Devin Wild, Psyko Punkz, Atmozfears, Phuture Noize, Frequencerz and of course the previous hosts of HWS, Sound Rush, make their musical appearance, on what might just be the most anticipated story Headhunterz has ever told. You’re all invited.

“What would be a better way to tell the story, than with music?” – Headhunterz.

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