Slecht nieuws voor de fans van Audiofreq, de Hardstyle producer van Down Under gaf gisteren aan een uitgebreide break te nemen van de muziek scene. Hij geeft te kennen dat hij op het randje van een burn out stond de afgelopen maand, en nu de tijd wil nemen zichzelf weer op te laden.

Twee maanden terug poste Sam nog een bericht waarin hij aangaf te werken aan een nieuw album. Echter heeft deze werkdruk hem nu ingehaald.



Hieronder lees jij de persoonlijke brief van Audiofreq aan zijn fans.

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share something very personal with all of you.

As you might have noticed its been a bit quiet around me this year, since the release of the album at the end of last year I have not been able to finish much music. In fact, the last few years have taken a huge toll on me personally and for the past few months I’ve been at the edge of a burnout.

So I’ve decided that I need an extended break from the music scene to not only find some peace and recharge myself.

I’m honestly grateful to my fans, you guys are the most amazing fans in the world and thank you for being open minded and respecting me for what I did. I feel truly blessed that I am one of the few artists within the hardstyle scene that was able to pull off taking so many influences from other genres and getting so much encouragement to do so. Of course I also want to thank the promoters who booked me in the previous years and of course my colleagues who supported me, it all means a lot.

I will continue to perform all the confirmed bookings for the coming months, and all bookings that are in the works as of today, will be resolved with my agency (Make You Dance). However, early 2018 is where it will stop.

I don’t know how long I will be away for, simply as I really need to take my time to find the right direction for my personal and creative life. This could take months or years, I might eventually even decide to only do things behind the scenes, but the honest answer is that I don’t know yet how, what and when, only that I need some time and space. Either way, I’m not saying this is the definitive end though, I’ll still be doing things with Corey for Bioweapon, including some limited performances that have already been confirmed by my agency. I won’t be releasing any new music aside from whats already been scheduled.

Again, thank you all for your support throughout the years and I hope you guys can understand what I’m coming from.

Cya on the flipside