30 September kun jij weer los gaan op de beste RAW artiesten van het moment. Om om jou alvast in de stemming te krijgen is hier het Supremacy 2017 Anthem!

P.s. check hier nog even de line up.

Supremacy 2017 anthem

Listen to the official Supremacy 2017 anthem: MEAN MACHINE!


Enough…… we about to break the silence.
Speak what we want, we gonna roar like lions.
As the echo fades, only a few will remain.
Those are the ones dominating the food chain.

Search and destroy.
Seperate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys.
I’ll pull you to the bottom, come meet Davy Jones.
All what you are is just skin and bones.

Raging supreme, I’m a f*cking mean machine!